Classroom right by the boiler system

So I am grateful that my classroom teacher isn’t wasting taxpayers dollars doing that

For my student teaching placement I really lucked out. I went to a school that is right near my hometown. I only have to drive around twenty minutes to get to my school. My teacher isn’t the greatest but the kids are sweet and I like the classroom. I am someone who is always cold and the classroom sits right by the boiler system. We are the first space to get heating when it turns on. Schools are notorious for being cheap when it comes to HVAC. The heater turns on quite late and turns off even earlier. However, due to classroom placement I hardly feel cold. I have to arrive earlier than the kids and the room is freezing, by the time the buses arrive and the kids show up, the heater is going full blast. I actually can wear skirts, loose blouses and lightweight pants during the winter season. I even chose a dress with tights one day. My classroom teacher definitely is going through menopause though. She bitterly complains about the heating and wants to open a window. I am so thankful that we are in a snowy area. You can’t open a window and not expect snow to come inside the classroom. It also would be extremely wasteful of the boiler system. It would cost the school money to provide heating that she literally lets out the window. So I am grateful that my classroom teacher isn’t wasting taxpayers dollars doing that. Most of the time she just leaves the classroom and I do all the teaching. It stinks because I don’t get paid but I do enjoy having the freedom to do what I want.


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