Now that I have heated flooring, I am not going back

I knew I wanted to have heated flooring, as soon as I heard about it.

The reason why I wanted radiant heated flooring, is because of my cement floors.

In winter, it is amazing how frigid the cement flooring can get, it feels like stepping on ice! While I could have gotten carpet or other flooring that is less prone to feeling cold, I like the way the cement looks in my home. And I don’t see much reason for getting new flooring just because I don’t like the way it feels. However, if I can have radiant heated flooring installed, so I get rid of the frigid floors, and still keep my cement flooring? I’m all in. I knew that in order to afford such an expense, I had to save up money. So I did my area and worked a little bit of overtime, and before I knew it, I had enough money to buy the flooring. Next, was to find a Heating and A/C corporation who could install the radiant floors for me. There were plenty of Heating and A/C companies nearby, and I chose the one that had the best reviews. While I could have chosen the one with the best price, I know like going with a highly rated air conditioning corporation is just going to be a better experience for me. Besides, those other companies have poor reviews for a reason. I am so happy to have my new heated flooring installed! It is going to work great with my central furnace system, and I doubt my cabin will ever know frigid again.

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