Incredibly overheated weather this past week

Due to the changingly overheated weather, it has made being inside of my house difficult.

The hot plus cold temperatures have been around the 72s plus 90s, plus there has also been continuous sunshine.

I’m sure my house is slightly hotter as well, since the sun is directly shining on my home. I have been finding it tough to concentrate on my tasks, due to the overbearing heat! The worst area is, I can’t even do much about it. One because I can’t control the weather, plus more than one, because my air conditioning unit is almost non functional. It technically still works, however not unquestionably well. I might as well not have an cooling system system. It has been this way for a year or so, plus I just don’t have enough money to repair it. I used to live with my roommate, plus we would both pay for any kind of repairs the air conditioning device needed, however my roommate stopped paying her half, so after a big fight, she moved out. Now I am left to deal with any issues the cooling component has, which unluckyly is plenty. I am slowly saving up enough money to repair the air conditioner, but I have a feeling that it is going to be awhile… Until then, on afternoons savor this, there is not much I can do however just try plus bear the heat; Fans help, plus so does taking cold showers, however having a fully toiling HVAC unit is what I need the most. I will be glad when I have enough money saved up.


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