I’m sad about the A/C situation

I am easily gleeful about getting our tax return.

This is the first time in years that I really will get a refund! Usually I have to pay currency, which is ridiculous because they already take currency out of every single check. And yet I have to pay more? Don’t get myself and others started on federal taxes, it is simply infuriating to me! This year the tax refund will be especially helpful, because Summer is just around the corner and I have a lot to do to prepare for it. I barely made it through the winter, and that was only because of a space heater, then before the heavy heat waves hit us, I need to have our central Heating and Air Conditioning plan repaired or I will be in trouble. If I don’t get it done, after that I will have to rely on a small, portable air conditioner system for the Summer and I do not want that! Heating and cooling work differently, and the little space furnace I had was barely enough to take the edge off of the Winter chill. The thing about a space furnace is that you can consistently use blankets and Winter clothes if you need to, then for the harsh heat of summer, a little cooling system equipment enjoy that will only go so far, and you can’t take extra clothes off to get cooler. If it’s boiling with clothes on, it’s still not naked, but far less comfortable, so I really hope I have enough currency for legit A/C repairs, let’s all hope Uncle Sam gives myself and others enough of our own currency back!

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