Calvin was angry because of the rude HVAC worker

Calvin has always longed to live at the beach or near one where he could surf every morning. But, as someone conditioned to have a full-time job, it never seemed the right time to change his life. He kept working at the same job for almost 6 years since it gave him security. But, his heart always longed for a different pace of life. The pandemic put an end to the company he worked for, and Calvin found himself with the opportunity to move. He got a small place at the coast and freelance work, which meant working remotely. Calvin had been bummed after losing his job, but the universe worked things out that he was finally living his dream. His house was small in an ideal location, but he needed to get an air conditioner for the place. Part of the reason the house was so affordable was that it didn’t have an air conditioning system. Calvin went online and came across an AC business offering air conditioner installation in the area. He got some quotes from them and settled on a date when the air conditioner installation would take place. On that fateful day, Calvin met the rudest HVAC worker he had ever come across. He kept speaking to Calvin in such a rude manner when he inquired about the HVAC installation process. It took all of Calvin’s might not to react. Instead, he left a nasty review about the HVAC worker on their company website and a community blog. A day after leaving the review, the owner of the AC business called Calvin to apologize for the nasty experience.

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