Outdated a/c at hotel

Last winter, right around the first of the year, our hubby & I spent almost several weeks traveling along the southern coats. Bob & I live in the northern area of the country. All of us are accustomed to severely cold & snowy conditions at that time of year. All of us were happy for sun & warmer temperatures. All of us spent a lot of time on the road, going to see interesting sites, lying on the beach & swimming in the ocean. All of us only needed hotel rooms to sleep & shower in. Bob & I decided not to strain our budget on luxury accommodations. All of us were lucky that most of the cheaper hotels were wash & sufficient for our needs. They provided plenty of sizzling water, fairly comfortable beds & working air conditioning. However, we ended up in one hotel that was just terrible. Bob & I realized we had a problem when he stepped off the elevator. The hallway reeked of cat, cigarettes & mildew. Inside the hotel room, the carpet was stained & there were webs in the corners. The desk was dusty, the tub rust stained & the faucet dripped. All of us just needed a quick sleep before he got back on the road first thing in the morning. All of us discovered that the mattress was lumpy, the sheets scratchy & the pillows had a unusual smell to them. The room was boiling & stuffy because of the seasoned a/c. The cooling equipment was dented, corroded & dirty. Our only choices for adjustment were on or off & switching between heating & cooling. All of us set it on cooling mode but the equipment didn’t put out enough air to make much difference.

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