Looking for a shop section to rent

About 30 years ago, our mother was experimenting with strange flavors of candy, then she tried multiple strange flavors, such as fruits as well as chocolates as well as she would give them away to family as well as friends… When she received incredibly positive feedback, she decided to pursue her dreams as well as open her own candy store… The only issue is, she had no system how to run a business.

And that’s when our dad came into the picture, and my dad had a degree in corporation as well as a large sweet tooth, as well as it was a match made in heaven, and from there they did entirely well with their current little candy business, as well as much later on, their corporation was passed to me.

I had always loved the section that our candy shop was located in, but I knew the people I was with and I could do better, as well as grow more if the people I was with and I relocated anywhere else. I started looking nearby at busy cities for shop section for rent, as well as it was difficult, because it seemed a lot of suppliers wanted to be there as well. I saw a lot of office section for rent as well as artisan apartment for rent, but that wasn’t what I was looking for. I did eventually find a commercial shop section for rent, but it was in a more closed off area, as well as didn’t seem really busy, so I looked elsewhere! Eventually, I did find a shop section for rent that was suitable as well as I leaped on the opportunity before anyone else could take it. It took awhile to move in, but I can already see an increase of clients coming our way, so it was worth it.


commercial shop space for rent

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