I love my window air conditioner

My local area is known for its long and brutal winters.

It seems to take forever for the snow to melt and the weather to warm up.

The spring is typically wet, windy and chilly. The summers never last more than a few months. We hope for a hot and sunny June, July and August. There are years when the whole summer is cloudy, cold and rainy. There are summers when the temperature is consistently in the mid eighties. We expect high humidity levels. Although there’s no need for a big investment in central air conditioning, box fans aren’t enough. We need some way to at least cool down the bedrooms or we can’t sleep at night. The house gets far too hot and sticky. I’ve invested into window air conditioners for each of the bedrooms. They are compact, easy to store in the winter and no problem to install in the summer. They provide enough cool air to keep a larger bedroom comfortable. I am so happy with my window air conditioner. Even on especially hot and muggy nights, my bedroom remains at the perfect temperature. I sleep so much better with the cooling unit running. The operational noise is just enough to drown out sounds that might disturb me. I don’t get woken up by other family members walking around or watching television. I don’t hear the washing machine running, barking dogs or traffic. I’m not bothered by road construction or morning birds singing. The air conditioner also works to circulate the air and filter out contaminants such as dust, pollen and dander. My bedroom stays cleaner. I appreciate the air conditioner so much that I install it into my window as soon as the temperature climbs above sixty degrees. I leave in place until I feel chilly air coming into the house through the air conditioner.

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