Glad I have cold water

I played a few games of ping pong two days but I honestly shouldn’t have because of my shoulders but they actually held up quite well.

I took a freezing water plunge last night at sunset after playing to cool down our shoulders as well as help with the inflammation. I also took another dip this day along with some ice packs last night. They feel a bit upset this week but not as painful as a week ago when I played, it’s more of a normal aching sore instead of a knife stabbing pain so maybe our tendons are healing. I see outside they are doing a gas line repair below in the street because they must have detected a leak. It’s a lot of difficult task these street construction men do as well as I recognize how difficult it is as I used to do it various years ago. I had our own roofing as well as plumbing repair up until last year when I decided our body is better off doing some style of office task on a PC. I was an engineer back in the day. I left it all back in 1999 to do our own thing. I liked being a plumbing company for a while as well as meeting all kinds of new people when I was doing the estimates or completing a task. I left that in 2008 to pursue a job in the arts when I became a rest up comedian. It was much more exciting than drain line or leak repairs in the plumbing world but carried a unusual kind of pain, the pain of bombing on stage.

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