Getting a portable bathroom during remodeling

Once a year our lake house gets hit by a storm.

  • It is just luck of the draw how badly I get hit.

Some years I am just picking up limbs in addition to other years I am doing some remodeling. I got hit genuinely bad this last time. A huge branch fell on our house. It managed to completely smoke our lavatory. I had to call a tree removal service, a roofer in addition to a clean up crew. I then needed to call up a plumber to repair our lavatory. All these services take time in addition to currency. I only had one bathroom in our lake house too. I stayed in a hotel for tree removal in addition to roofing. After that I noticed it was too lavish to do this long term. Money wise it was entirely more intelligent to get a portable shower and toilet. I am not talking about a porta potty either. I got a mobile lavatory solution delivered to our house. It is entirely a shipping basket that is set up like a real lavatory. I have a toilet, sink, and hand dryer in addition to shower. It is exactly what I need for our case. I just pay a small rental fee on it. Once I am done the company will option it up in addition to I will be back in our house. It is nice that I can still stay at home. I am able to answer any questions our plumber has. The two of us also had a concern that our current tub was on backorder for a month. Thankfully that bit of news wasn’t a pain due to our portable restroom solution.


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