Ductless system to supplement comfort

About six months ago, I decided to make some home improvements.

I was hoping to fix problems with rooms that sometimes felt chilly or overheated.

The problem was a lack of sufficient supply and return vents. There weren’t enough vents to keep up with the demands of specific areas. Some rooms are exposed to afternoon sunshine while others are shaded by trees. During the winter, the living room was always a bit cooler than the rest of the house. Turning up the thermostat only made all the other rooms feel overheated and cost me extra in energy bills. My whole family would shiver while trying to relax and watch a movie together in the evenings. Our winter season often lingers for eight months, and the temperature can plummet down to negative digits. Heating is a necessity. Because the summers don’t last all that long, we’ve never seen the need to make the investment into a central cooling system. However, the house can become terribly hot and muggy. I did some research and came across ductless mini-split systems. A ductless system consists of a single outdoor air compressor that links to one or up to eight individual air handlers. The air handlers mount up high on the wall, provide both heating and cooling capacity and include an independent thermostat. A ductless system can be retrofitted into a home without causing a lot of damage. It requires little more than a small, three-inch hole in an exterior wall for the conduit. The installation is a lot less expensive than installing a whole new duct system. The indoor air handlers allow us to customize the temperature in each of the rooms. It helps to reduce energy costs and achieve perfect comfort.

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