Cutting out sugar in my diet

I recently signed up for nutritional counseling at my gym. I felt I was built extremely well except for around five pounds of belly fat. No matter what I did I couldn’t lose that softness. The nutritional counselor immediately talked about my workouts. We both deduced that I work my butt off and that isn’t the problem. I do one on one fitness training three days a week and a group fitness class three days a week. The last day I went for a long run around my house. I have an equal blend of cardio, weight training and stretching in my routine. The nutritional counselor then started attacking my diet. I am a vegetarian with a slight lactose problem. That means I don’t eat meat, cheese, eggs, fish, milk or yogurt. I basically eat fruits, vegetables and grains. Sounds like a great diet right? The woman took me through my whole day and wrote down everything I ate. We then realized I have a weakness, candy. I really love to eat sugar everyday and quite a bit of it. I eat a few Oreos with my morning applesauce. For lunch I eat carrots and humus, but also a few Reese cups. Throughout the day I snack on sour worms, chocolate covered pretzels and kit kats. After dinner I can’t help myself. I love to eat sweets for dessert. The personal trainer has encouraged a no sugar diet to help me cut those few pounds. I feel like an addict. I am itching for sugar at all times and going crazy about it.

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