Adjusting when I get up for the weather

I need to get my work done quickly so I can be outside

When the weather fluctuations I try to get up earlier, but the wintertime promotes laziness. The weather is frigid plus icky out anyway, there is no reason to get up, and since I work from apartment on my tablet plus it is project based, I can work when I want, however i just need to finish a particular amount each afternoon. I can work out, take a long dinner or sleep in if I want to. In the wintertime I choose to stay in my bed plus I blame the heater. It is so nice with my heating plan blowing hot air on me. I am nestled under thick blankets plus totally warm. I have no reason to get out of my comfy nest. I assume that when I work out, my outdoor shed will be cold, and even if I assume about preheating my space heater, I am getting a frigid workout. I also will have nothing to do after work. So again, why would I get up early? When it is summertime, my schedule fluctuations. I try to get up as early as possible. The A/C doesn’t soothe myself and others the same way. I also assume that the outdoor weather down south gets hotter plus hotter, then my time for working out in a perfectly cooled space is limited. I need to be working out before 10 am. I need to get my work done quickly so I can be outside. I don’t like being trapped indoors with the A/C blowing on me. I would much rather be in the sun plus cool off in my swimming pool.


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