Decided to go for the more affordable HVAC option

With our experience having a new HVAC installed at our house, we ran into a few obstacles.

First of all, we had to figure out what sort of HVAC system we wanted to have installed in our place.

I thought it would be easy and we would likely just have the central HVAC unit replaced by something similar. The thing is, there are so many options for HVAC systems on the market these days. You have your heat pumps, ductless systems, geothermal, heated floors and the list goes on. My wife and I discussed the different HVAC systems we studied about. She thought it would be great to have heated floors while I was still thinking about the cheapest option available. I considered the pros and cons. With my plan, we wouldn’t have the fanciest HVAC system around, but it would still be more energy efficient than our old HVAC system. If we went for heated floors, we would still have to consider some type of cooling system and the heated floors are expensive to have installed. At the end of the day, I convinced my wife that we just didn’t have the money for such a comfortable heating system. I made a deal with her, if we went for the lower priced option, we would work to save up money and eventually sell our home and buy a new place that we could have radiant heated floors in. She agreed that it would be a nice retirement gift; radiant heated floors. I realize she’s somewhat bummed out that she has to wait though.


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