Working in the garage just got better with modern HVAC

I sort of recognize easily costly now that I have a ductless heat pump inside the garage at my home.

  • This is something modern for myself and others as I thought only millionaires had garages with air conditioner.

There is no way that my garage could be mistaken for a millionaire’s garage though. Outside of the heating and cooling gave by the ductless heat pump, nothing in my garage easily stands out. But to me, the garage represents both an accomplishment and a modern venture. I spend a lot of hours in the zone controlled HVAC comfort of an office building. The job is okay but I sort of miss being filled with a passion for it. That sort of changed with the years as my interests have changed as well. That’s where taking back the garage comes in. For years, our garage has been a dumping ground for stuff that either needed to be tossed or given to someone who would use it. But when I got the method of selling my hand made items online, I needed a space to work. So I gave my family honorablewarning before I tore the garage apart and emptied it out. Then I called the HVAC company to get them to send out an HVAC serviceman to install the ductless heat pump. And now, I have a garage workspace for myself and others to do my thing. I love having something that is both making currency and has stirred my passion for creativity once again. Plus, I suppose my partner enjoys myself and others being out in the air conditioner of the garage instead of plunked in my chair seeing TV.
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