My Village is a Ghosttown in the Wintertime But Crazy in the Summer

I live in a small town that is very close to some big popular spots so in the summers we get pounded with all kinds of tourists. I don’t mind having visitors come to my town now and then but in the summer it gets so crowded that it makes life difficult to live for a few months. I think next summer I will go to another city that nobody knows about or maybe even fly to the north where there are no tourists. The worst months are June and July, that’s when all the kids are out of school. I usually just chill out in my flat and keep the air conditioner on cold and play some chess or watch a cool documentary. We have a new HVAC provider in our town that has some pretty cool gadgets you can buy so I often frequent that place during the day. It’s also nice and cool in the place, so I don’t mind hanging out and talking to the HVAC guy working there for some ideas on how to save money on my cooling costs. I was thinking about asking him for a job working in the store because there are a lot of new things they have that I would like to learn more about. They have this new air conditioning system with a wireless wifi digital thermostat that I would love to have. I still have the old school thermostat that isn’t digital and usually isn’t very accurate. I guess I need to cough up the money and buy a new programmable thermostat.


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