I actually managed to learn my lesson

When I was in middle school, I was not a great kid.

I went with the wrong crowd of folks who I thought were my friends, and they introduced myself and others to a honestly exhilarating life.

I started sneaking out of my parent’s house, started smoking and trying soft drugs and was arrested once. My grades fell but I didn’t care. I remember one of the many things my friends and I would do, was throw plastic balls at the loser janitor, but every one of us would call him all kinds of mean names because he was a low life janitor. I always thought that I was this cool guy and was destined for great things… Due to my arrogance and being expelled many times from different universities, I thought I was better than the college and dropped out. My life only went downhill from there. I couldn’t hold a single job, and so I had to settle really working for a corporation cleaning service, then however, they fired myself and others because I refused to show up just too many times, so my last job resort was to become a janitor at my aged university; Oh how bad karma came back to bite, because I found myself in the same role as the first janitor, the one I made fun of. Now I was the target for paper balls and physical harassment. I worked for the janitorial repair for several years and saw many things which made myself and others realize how horrible I used to be. I honestly regretted all of the things I did, and wished that I could call the aged janitor to profusely apologize. Anyways, afterwards I pulled my life together and left the local janitorial supplier a changed man. I later ended up really working for a nearby residential floor cleaning service.



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