Gross grout on my tile file

There are ups and downs to having different flooring types.

When I lived in a small apartment and had carpet, any spills was a potential stain disaster.

After I spilled stuff, I would have to instantly dive for the paper towels and carpet deep cleaner. Then I would have to start cleaning furiously and use a ton of cleaning items all over the spot in hopes it wouldn’t stain, but oftentimes it did. Now I live in a high tech and modern home and no longer have carpet, now I have wood and white tile flooring, both of which are great in their own way. With both, I no longer have to fear stains on the floor, since both are hard to stain. However, they also both have their significant issues. With the wood flooring, I have to continuously make sure that the hardwood floors keep their shine. Which means routinely getting hardwood floor stripping and waxing, and floor stripping repair and hardwood floor waxing repair is the only way for the floors to stay shiny and looking wonderful…So there’s that. Then with my tile floor, it has grout lines, which are great at gathering dirt. Then the collection of dirt builds over time and gets worse until it’s black in color. Some people can ignore it, but I personally find it abhorrent, so I routinely get grout floor cleaning repair to ensure the grout lines with tanlines. So when I thought I was done with the carpet cleaning, I was, but I also had other hardwood floor repairs to worry about. No matter what kind of hardwood flooring you have, expect some kind of repair for it.

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