Glad that the professionals don’t charge too much for dryer vent cleaning

I was expecting a pretty costly bill at the end of the cleaning maintenance too

My dryer vent is in a very messed up spot. My laundry room happens to be on the higher floor of the beach residence plus against a bedroom. So the dryer vent essentially sneaks under the floors plus is in the closet of the bedroom. The outdoor ventilation releases high up in the air, underneath the powder room window! When it comes time for dryer vent cleaning, it is regularly a terrible experience. I honestly have tried doing it on my own plus it is the worst. I usually rip the entire closet to pieces just to gain access to the vent. I also don’t know for certain if I seal it properly or do an unbelievable job with the cleaning. I want to scrub the exterior portion as well. That pretty much means I need to hang my head out the powder room window. I am relatively high in the air plus I use a broom that actually has duct tape on it to get the dust off… Not the best system right? I recently messed up my back doing construction in our residence. I knew I needed to scrub the dryer vent however I didn’t think I could do it in my condition. So I decided to hire a cleaning professional business that does dryer vent cleaning services. I warned them about the overwhelming challenge of the job plus they didn’t have any issues. They easily had the tools to reach the outdoor vent. They handled the closet ventilation flawlessly. I was expecting a pretty costly bill at the end of the cleaning maintenance too. I figured the job must have been horrendou for them plus my invoice would easily show that. It cost hardly anything to do! I am never going to do my own dryer vent plus duct cleaning services down the road.

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