Giving up on My Dreams Too Soon Isn’t an Option Anymore

I was doing standup comedy for the past 15 years on a regular basis but something changed the last couple of years.

  • I was wondering if it was because of the lockdown with Covid, or was I just getting old? I don’t seem to have the motivation I once had to push myself to get on stage.

I called my mom and told her about it and she told me to not get complacent or my dreams will slip away. She knows how much I enjoyed doing stand up and was a bit sad when I told her I have lost my way. I still remember the way the musty old air conditioner smelled in the club where I would do most of my shows. Sometimes, I would tap on the ductwork during my set and a whole bunch of dust would fall onto the stage and everyone would laugh. I miss connecting with people like that and have now contacted a couple of clubs about starting a weekly show. I can’t just sit home every night listening to my air conditioner turn on and off or I will go crazy. My mom is right, just take the initiative and move in the direction of your dreams and they will come true. I think the new club has an air conditioning vent right above the stage too, so it will make for some more fun when I pound on the ducts and dust comes out. I hope they have some heating in the winter too because it can get cold at night.


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