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But this place did

I love going to my local coffee shop. Especially on rainy nights. First off, I love the rain. Second off, the air quality in the coffee shop is wonderful. You would think that a coffee shop would not have such great air quality. But even though it smells of coffee, cake and other goodies, the air quality is still top notch. Then when you add the great air quality that we get naturally when it rains, it is simply just heaven. I will spent at least 3 hours in there just relaxing and taking in the wonderful great air quality on those nice rainy nights. I will go in there around 7pm and stay until 10 or so right before they close. I will read a book, drink coffee, order a sandwich or cake and sometimes even nap and doze off. They allow that in there because they pride themselves in having such a relaxing atmosphere with wonderful air quality. The secret to this is that they have a central heating and air conditioning system that has an air purification system within it. It is a similar concept as a whole home air purification system, but it is for commercial buildings and commercial heating and air conditioning system units. It is not something that a place that services food and coffee would invest in. But this place did. And I am so happy about that. And they I am sure am as well. This is what helps them generate so much business and be as successful as they are.



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