Why ductless HVACs are the perfect solution for homes with poor zone control

I work with new homeowners across the nation, and it’s a really rewarding job. I find immense comfort and pride in helping people find their perfect home. It definitely comes with it’s challenges, but I truly love this work. I am able to help guide people and give them advice based on their region. I find that a lot of new homeowners don’t know much about air conditioning, and it’s really important for people to be knowledgeable about. Homeowners in the South should pay special attention to the zone control in their home and how well it evenly distributes to each room. Ductless HVACs are a great solution if your home doesn’t have proper air control. Central HVACs with air ducts often leak air which may lead to air not reaching every room in the house. Ductless HVACs are great because you can have an indoor unit in each room that is completely separate from another, and the air moves through refrigerant lines that connect directly to the outdoor unit. The indoor units are designed to provide air to a small space instead of working harder than it needs to in order to distribute air across the home. This provides homeowners with comfortable air in each room! It’s very rare that a room with an indoor unit would have cold or warm spots. I recommend that my clients in the South opt for this instead of a central HVAC to help them manage the air conditioning in their home. It’s really fun getting to connect with people from all across the country and help them during major life transitions.


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