We wanted to be sure the HVAC repair person was qualified for the job

The new house was almost done, and I was beyond excited. Things were moving on so well for Jeff and me. A while back, I never thought love would smile my way. But then I ran to Jeff at a work conference, and we realized we were from the same city. Since then, we’ve been inseparable. We got married a year ago and began planning our dream home. The goal was to have a baby once we moved into our house. But I got pregnant early, so we had to speed things. Lucky for us, Jeff’s brother was one of the best contractors in town. The next step as the house was almost complete was to figure out the air conditioning. Jeff had suggested we get an energy-efficient HVAC system that would keep the place comfortable. Also, we’d keep the energy bill manageable since we required the HVAC system for most of the year to warm and cool the house. Our search for a qualified HVAC expert began as soon as Jeff’s brother gave us the go-ahead. We wanted a company to come to estimate the ductwork and HVAC system for the house. A friend gave me the contact details of a local HVAC installation and repair enterprise. We went with Jeff for a consultation to find out more information about them. We wanted to know if they had a qualified staff with the right HVAC certification. Once all that was done, we inquired about their pricing and how soon we could get a quote for the house. The baby was almost, and we planned to have the house in order before she arrived.


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