My parents were benefited by ductless mini splits

My parents have been living at home by themselves for about several years, but I was the last of my siblings to transfer out of them all.

Plus it was very tough on them; all of us still visit frequently, but it’s not the same as it was when the two of us were living there! Then being at home by themselves was difficult on their marriage for a while, but they’ve reconnected plus found that spark within their relationship again. They made some renovations in the home to better suit their needs since the two of us did not need our rooms anymore. A neighbor told them that they should consider switching their central air conditioning unit. They’ve had a central heating plus A/C since they moved into the apartment 34 years ago, so they were very skeptical about the idea. But our neighbor said that when their youngsters moved out, they switched over to ductless heating plus A/C instead. The switch made a lot of sense for them because the youngsters’ old rooms were no longer being used plus didn’t need air conditioning plus heat streaming to them all of the time either; and ductless heating plus A/Cs allowed them to put indoor units in each room, plus only keep the 1s turned on them they frequently use. The indoors units in the other entryways are only turned on when they suppose they have guests coming to spend the night so that way they have fresh air conditioning! My parents thought this was a wonderful plan plus called their heating plus A/C specialist to get quotes! They were able to install the ductless heating plus A/C plan for a nice price, plus it helped bring their electric bill down tremendously. I’m very glad for them!



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