Mom hoped the thrift shop was selling the space heaters at a cheap price

Mom was walking to the loft the other afternoon when she passed a local thrift shop. At this local thrift shop, mom looked through the front window and saw they were displaying portable area heaters. Mom stopped immediately, and went in to inspect the units. Mom planned to order a portable heater for her art shed but had no intention whatsoever to pay full price. This was a luxury and not a need, so when mom saw the units in the thrift shop window, she thought this may be the opportunity I was looking for to land a portable heater at a reasonable price. Her intuition was right on the mark. The portable heaters were going for 11 bucks a piece. These units were barely used and more so good as new, but the reason they weren’t costly was because they were a little used. And the heaters did not have the box anymore, plus they were also slightly older portable units. It didn’t matter to mom. She confirmed they worked and went home with 2. When mom arrived home, she tried them in the art shed and the heaters were the perfect fit for exactly what she was looking for. Mom did luck out driving by the thrift shop and coming across the portable area heaters in the window. If she had not been walking home that way, she’d have missed out on such an amazing discovery. Mom intends to pass by that thrift shop from time to time for more in the future.
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