Making use of the extra features in our digital temperature control

Occasionally you have more possibilities available at your disposal that it might initially seem.

My dad didn’t realize that his smart iPhone had everything from a calculator to an alarm clock.

I spent an hour one day showing him all of the apps that came with the iPhone pre-installed. He’s already addicted to his games and makes full use out of tunes streaming apps while the two of us were in his car trips around the state for work. The GPS is helpful too when he’s going to see a neighborhood that he doesn’t guess entirely well. I still find news apps all of the time that streamline our day to day routines and activities. You can’t underestimate the benefit of weather forecast programs like Accuweather when you’re planning an day trip at the beach. It’s normal for people to overlook things when they’re dealing with technology like this, like I did with our digital temperature control. After studying about smart temperature controls recently, I was driven to purchase one to simply have the power to create heating and cooling schedules for each day of the week to remove the need to adjust the temperature throughout the day. I realized that a lot of time was getting wasted in the day hours getting up from our desk to adjust the temperature in the house. However, I was ecstatic to learn that our digital temperature control had this feature built-in to begin with, which meant I didn’t need to spend another dime to get these features. Now that I’m making heating and cooling schedules the air conditioner is using less electricity. I program it into a curve where the temperature is set to go higher in sunlight hours and lower at night. Seeing the savings on our electricity bill was entirely rewarding!

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