I've been going to crossfit three times each week

I was attending a class at the YMCA, when someone approached me about joining a CrossFit gym.

At the time, I didn’t know anything at all about CrossFit. It sounded interesting and I decided to attend a free introduction class for beginners. The entire philosophy of CrossFit is to incorporate many different types of training and exercises. I was hooked after the first time I went to a training session. I enjoyed the high intensity workouts and I felt strong when I was done. I tried to get my boyfriend to join me at the CrossFit gym, but he prefers the traditional way of doing things. I go to the gym on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. These are the same days that my boyfriend attends his Fitness classes, so we still go at the same time but we attend different places. My gym is a lot closer to our apartment, so I always get home before my boyfriend. On the days when we have exercise, I make dinner. Most of the time I choose a lean protein like chicken or fish and I make rice and fresh vegetables. My boyfriend has to cook on the other four days of the week. Of course, he gets his choice and he picks meals that are not as healthy. His typical menu might consist of lasagna, cheeseburgers, chicken alfredo, or a giant porterhouse steak. The two of us make a great team in the kitchen and we definitely eat very well throughout the week. I like the fattening things that he cooks, and he pretends to enjoy the healthy meals that I prepare.


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