I try to exercise and meditate for good daily health

Good daily health starts with exercise and nutritious food.

It’s important to work our body and our mind. A proper fitness routine can help our body stretch and move with ease. Nutritious food like fruits, vegetables, and lean meats are good for our teeth, bones, and circulatory system. I also try to meditate every day for good mental and spiritual health. A lot of people think that it is silly to sit in a room without any noise, but I find it to be very relaxing to meditate. I also enjoy a wonderful fitness routine that includes yoga. Each morning I perform 30 minutes of yoga before I go to work. I always feel flexible, limber, and invigorated when I am finished with my morning yoga routine. It gets me ready for the day and provides me with plenty of energy to tackle any job in my way. When I am finished with my day at work, I head over to the gym. My company pays for a free gym membership as part of our health plan. Studies show that healthier workers will work longer and be happier. I feel really good since I started this daily Health routine. I know that a lot of people think that I am obsessed with my health and nutrition, but I can easily control what goes into my body and that makes me feel good. I ate the best and most nutritious food so I can take care of this temple. I want my body to last as long as possible. I know my mind and spirit will live on forever.



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