Better smells and cleaner air a I install a new purifier for my house in spring

There are a number of reasons that I just don’t easily want to see the Winter season come to a close.

You don’t hear that in most regions of the country.

Those places who get brutalized by the Winter season weather & have to pay immense heating bills surely are ready for the Winter season to pass. That’s not the case where I live. Winter is our favorite time of year as far as the weather is distraught. The sunshine shines, the temperatures are near perfect & outdoor pursuits are full on. There are some instances where the heat pump will cycle on with some heating to knock the chill out of the house. But mostly this is an early afternoon sort of stuff. No I prefer the Winter season & I don’t prefer to see it go for all those reasons & because Springtime is next up. And around here, that means a ton of pollen in the air. I’m particularly sensitive to tree & lawn pollen so it’s traditionally a difficult time of year for me. But this past Springtime was the best Springtime of our entire life. This is because our beach beach house was finally a welcome refuge from the onslaught of pollen. All that changed with a simple addition to the heating & air conditioning equipment. The heating & air conditioning corporation added a whole beach beach house air purification idea to the heating & air conditioning air handler. It uses UV light to utterly eradicate airborne contaminants. And that means it toasts all that pollen in the air inside our house. So I could breathe easy in our beach house this past Springtime which made such an immense difference. Plus, the indoor air has never odored better as well.


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