Austin wanted a portable space heater for his basement

Austin was riding his bike another way the other morning when he passed a local thrift shop.

In the local thrift shop Austin saw that in the front window they were displaying some portable room heaters.

Austin stopped immediately, parked and went in to check them out. He’d been wanting to buy a portable room heater for their basement. But, he had no intention or desire to spend money paying the full price. This was no emergency, so when Austin saw these in the thrift shop window he thought this may be the opportunity he was looking for to get a portable room heater dirt cheap. Austin was right on the money. These portable room heaters were going for 12 bucks each. They weren’t too new, but the reason they were cheap was because they were used a few times. Plus, they did not have the box anymore and were also slightly older portable room heaters. It didn’t matter to Austin. The units were working, so he purchased 3 of them. When Austin got home, he and his partner tried them in the basement. They were the perfect fit for exactly what they were looking for. Austin believed he lucked out riding his bike by the thrift shop and noticing the portable room heaters in the window. If he had not been riding in the new area, he’d not known and missed out on such a score. Austin will make sure to check out that thrift shop more to see if they have better deals.


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