Adding air conditioner & heat to our basement

I spent too several years fantasizing about the perfect house instead of making the most out of what I already had.

It isn’t nearly as taxing to afford home renovations if you do them gradually over long periods of time.

Planning a single big renovation project each year leaves enough time in between to save the necessary money to afford the supplies. Thankfully I have experience in construction & rarely need outside help with home remodeling. My wife prefers seeing me get to toil on the weekends with all of these various projects, but I like it too. My job has me sitting behind a computer all morning long for more than 2 mornings each week, so it feels appreciate a comforting release to spend a few minutes laboring with a tool belt around our waist. After replacing the roof, I asked our wife what the two of us should pay on next. For a while the two of us discussed adding climate control to the basement so the two of us can put a guest suite down there with a miniature dining room. Since all of our parents are getting up there in age, it’s important to have guest residing accommodations in this house of ours. On top of that, climate control in the basement will detach the need for using a dehumidifier in the summers to keep the moisture levels at a satisfactory threshold. I decided to use a basic split type Heating & A/C plan because it includes an electric furnace coil inside of the air handler; This detachs the extra cost of a separate heating plan for the basement. Granted, this other Heating & A/C plan downstairs is not area of the Heating & A/C plan in the rest of the house, however they’re almost identical machines. Of course the HVAC duct is a lot different, however the condensers & air handlers are from the same Heating & A/C manufacturer.


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