A great discovery at the local thrift shop

I was driving home from work the other day when I passed a local thrift shop.

At this local thrift shop I had seen that in the front window they were displaying a few portable space heaters! I stopped right away, parked and went in to check them out.

I had been wanting to buy a portable space heater for my basement, however I did not want to or feel the need to pay full price. It was not an emergency or anything. So when I saw these in the thrift shop window I thought this may be the chance I was looking for to get a portable space heater dirt cheap. And I was very right on that assumption! The portable space heaters were going for 10 bucks a piece! They were barely used and more so good as new. The reason they were cheap was because they were used a few times, they did not have the box anymore and they were also slightly older portable space heaters. It didn’t matter to me. They were perfectly working, so I bought 2 of them! When I got them home and tried them in the basement they were the perfect fit for exactly what I was looking for. I really lucked out driving by the thrift shop and discovering the portable space heaters in the window. If I had not been driving home that way, I would have not known and missed out on such an awesome deal! I will make sure and check out that thrift shop from time to time for more in the future.

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