My wifey obtained the fireplace behind our back, but I realized that I was ecstatic she did

I was somewhat disappointed when our wifey went ahead & got a up-to-date fireplace even though I said we couldn’t afford it.

Admittedly, she was able to get a pretty sweet deal on it, but I was still sad about it.

I told her that we were supposed to be a partnership & we should never go behind each other’s back to go for something major love this. Even though she saved so much currency, we still had to empty a wonderful portion of the saving’s account. She said that it was indeed a nice fireplace & it also would lower the heating bills a wonderful amount as the fireplace would help a lot with the heating of the home. She was right about that & I realized I was being sort of a baby, however deep down, I entirely enjoyed the fireplace & I started studying all our books in front of it. I also decided to take our wifey out to a nice steakhouse. There is this particular steakhouse we enjoy going to that has a little cozy area with booths & a nice fireplace. The people I was with and I always try to get the booth that is nearest to the fireplace & it’s always a nice treat. I told her the fireplace she got us was really better than the a single at our favorite steakhouse & she smiled at that. I apologized to her for giving her a hard time about the fireplace & told her that I really enjoyed it honestly much & I enjoyed her. Honestly, I was so ecstatic that she went ahead & did that. I also knew it was something that she didn’t want to live without & I had to be understanding of that as well.


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