I just wanted to have a fun family vacation

I just wanted to have a good time with our family on vacation when every one of us bought tickets to go to an amusement park this past year. This place was kind of far away however it was one of the nicest amusement parks in the state. We booked a nice little campground with a condo that every one of us were able to stay in. We made sure the condo had a/c because I wanted everybody to be especially comfortable so every one of us could like our stay. Well, the kids had a blast although I became pretty sick after riding a few too many roller coasters. I had to relax a little bit while the little ones were having a relaxing time at the water park; After I went to the lavatory plus ended up throwing up, I felt a little bit better… Of course, I felt like I needed to escape to a place with a/c. I had to leave everybody behind to find a place plus that’s when I ended up at the arcade. The a/c felt good inside of there plus I was cheerful to finally get a break… Even though I rested up for a little while, I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to do much of anything else plus I called our fiance to let her know. I told her I was going to head back to the condo to rest with the a/c plan cranked up. I figured with some rest plus some a/c, I would be relaxing to go back to the theme park the following morning. Everybody said they had a beautiful time when they came back to the condo plus I apologized for missing the fun. We all had a beautiful time the next morning though, although I stayed away from the roller coasters!
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