You just try to do your job properly

I hold a task each day at the hospital as supporting staff which means I get to disinfect up most of the undesirable messes.

  • However, I prefer our contribution even if I am no nurse or anything.

The absolute pleasure of seeing patients comfortable when they are in a disinfect area with disinfect bedding is typically exciting for me. The maternity department is our best assignment as I get to witness new miracles every day I come to work. However, there are days it can be heart chopping looking at the new mothers plus not knowing how to help them – that’s especially true when they keep requesting particular temperature settings. I still suppose that some nasty nurses are not in this profession as a vocation however simply to make money as they only keep ignoring such patients. One time, I went to attend to a new mother’s room and that’s when I found her perspiring profusely. She was panting plus seemed to me that she had given up. I wanted to find out what the problem was that the nurse on duty kept ignoring her. All she needed was a easy AC adjustment to make her feel better. I am not supposed to do this but I could not take it any more. The room was warm at that point even for me plus the least I could do was reset the control unit. Her baby was in the little nursery so it would not cause any harm. This experience had me thinking that it would be better if modern hospitals installed multi-split units where patients could experience their own uneven temperature settings especially when they encounter cruel nurses plus caretakers.

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