When I was in school, there was no air conditioning at all

When I was going to school thirty years ago, none of the classrooms in my building had any air conditioning in them at all.

I remember feeling jealous of the older students in the next building over because it was common knowledge that they had air conditioning in some of their classrooms.

I don’t know why they thought that it was appropriate for the older children and teens to have air conditioning in their classrooms when we didn’t have any air conditioning in ours. It would get really hot there in the afternoons after lunch when the sun would come shining in through the windows. A lot of the time, it would feel like the heating system was on in the classroom but it was only hot and stuffy because of the sun and the hot summer temperatures. I remember wishing that we had air conditioning in our class back when I was in third grade or somewhere around there. It was really hot in there but there was no way that you could get cooled off in the classroom whenever it started heating up like that in the afternoons. Now that I’m an adult with kids of my own, I can really appreciate the fact that they have air conditioning in their classrooms at school. It’s so much better for them to have good indoor air quality in their classrooms now. I feel better knowing that after lunch, they don’t have to worry about falling asleep because it’s too warm in their class. I think that having A/C makes being in school during the late summer much easier.


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