Upgrading to a HEPA rated air filter to minimize my dust irritations

Mona had been complaining that nowadays his dust irritations were becoming worse & more difficult to manage. Mona had been having intense dust irritations for as long as I remember, but they always came in the afternoon after she woke up. Mona complained that some days, she would get dust irritations all throughout the afternoon & with strange partners. Since I had gone through the very same issue the previous year, I suggested that Mona contact a cooling specialist to check the ductwork & ensure it was clean & free from any pollutants. I went to visit Mona that weekend when the company was busy to visit. The HVAC component sounded strange & the cooling plan was not as effective. All them were signals of dirty air ducts & I knew this because I had experienced some similar symptoms the previous year with our residential HVAC. The techs came & confirmed what I was thinking. They began the duct cleaning process as soon as they determined what the issue was. Within a couple of minutes, Mona & I noticed an increase in the air quality. The dealers explained that besides cleaning the vents, they also upgraded the furnace filter. Mona had opted for a disposable filter as opposed to a washable filter because she could not be bothered to keep cleaning this filter. This time however the company advocated Mona get a HEPA filter from the commercial HVAC provider as it was the best in the market. This air filter was known to extend the lifespan of the HVAC plan because it filtered out all known impurities & contaminants that interfered with the function of the unit. For air purification help, the company proposed that Mona have the filter upgraded after every 30 to 60 days.

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