The people have problems with our work

My fieldwork experience as a growing marketing specialist in our contractor’s Heating as well as A/C advertising department has exposed me to several things.

My boss reached out to me in an unusual industry plus somehow convinced me to come aboard as a consultant, to which I abruptly agreed.

This was definitely something I had thought about for ages however did not dare to do until recently. It would be a first in several consultations that I would do since I was fine at our job. I got the new Heating as well as A/C business contract to last multiple months however I could still contract with other companies that needed our help, no matter their industry as long as I did not jeopardize expected results. Working in the technologically sound Heating as well as A/C field has been both challenging plus exciting. First, I believe there are a lot of preconceived setback options plus myths about Heating as well as A/C professional services in general! People think that they need heating plus cooling assistance, and that’s true especially those residing in areas with drastic weather conditions. However, what they honestly do not concur with, is the rampant nature in which most of the Heating as well as A/C workers are learning. A few of the people I met within our research would rather deal with an ancient Heating as well as A/C contractor for their work that they have known for years or choose alternative heating plus cooling possibilities that they have total control over, even if it may not be most efficient. I wanted to think a lot more, plus the findings were shocking. Many of the experts charged exorbitantly for repairs.




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