The moldy ductwork in the grocery store needed urgent cleaning

Working at the grocery job was the best way to earn a little income and gain some good skills.

Coming from a small town, there were few places teens could work after school.

The goal was to gain skills, save some funds and move to the city to live with my uncle. He knew I had a passion for business and promised my dad to mentor me. But, I had to graduate high school first. Most days, I worked at the bagging section, where I was the whole of last month. The customers started complaining about the smell in the store. At first, it was a simple whiff, but later the stench coming from the AC system was unbearable. We knew it was the HVAC unit because the smell ceased when the cooling unit was off. Our store manager was slow to react to this, which led to customers calling headquarters to complain. This prompted immediate action, and I saw an HVAC van pull up one morning. Two AC mechanics got out and wanted to speak to our manager. They were shown where the aircon system was set up and began their diagnosis. They had to turn off the HVAC unit before doing more work to fix the awful air conditioner smell. The HVAC workers noted that the source of the issue was the store air ventilation system. No one had called for aircon maintenance, which led to mold, dust, and mildew build-up. This was the source of the gross smell we had to endure at the store due to the negligent manager. Luckily, the HVAC professional had all the skills and equipment to clean out the gunk. But, we had to close the grocery store for the day for work.


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