The gas furnace at the information centre always keeps the space warm

I once worked as a sales person at my local Barnes and Noble.

Our Barnes and Noble was in an amazing location and had so many programs for kids and adults, reading and writing competitions, and super comfortable furniture to relax in with a book.

Another plus was a modern heating and cooling system that was still brand new. This unit made the Barnes and Noble comfortable and ideal during every season. After the Heating and Air Conditioning business installed the modern equipment, we began getting more foot traffic and positive words from Barnes and Noble visitors, which is excellent. Barnes and Noble was an especially ideal haven during the Winter season, since we lived in a climate that got long, dire, and entirely cold Winter seasons. Plenty of people always came into the Barnes and Noble be it individuals from the street or homeless people who needed warming up. The robust furnace was effective and methodical, despite the doors being typically opened during the Winter season. The Heating and Air Conditioning business gave us some wonderful ideas for avoiding drafts and furnace damage. Plus they came in to service the heating device a few weeks before the Winter season began to make sure everything is running properly. At the end of the day, all the people who came to the Barnes and Noble for some warmth while it’s snowing appreciate it. People just enter to get out of the cold, and end up browsing, checking out a book, or signing up for a class while in the store. The furnace was excellent advertising equipment. I never expected that having an outstanding heating unit would attract so many modern visitors. However, thel furnace replacement was the advertising boost we didn’t know would work to our advantage.


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