The fireplace brought back memories from my childhood

When my wife and I first saw the new home we wanted to purchase, the fireplace evoked pleasant memories from my childhood.

I always enjoyed spending time around the fireplace when I was a youngster spending time with cousins at my grandparents’ home.

There was also a television in there and we would watch movies or tv from time to time while enjoying the warmth from the fireplace at the same time. I remembered how they would always hire a chimney sweep every year to keep the fireplace maintained, and that is good that I remember things like that. I knew that when we bought this home, I would have to maintain the fireplace and keep up with the HVAC system as well. Given, it was an old HVAC system. There was an ancient oil furnace that needed to be refilled regularly and there was a very old cooling system. After the first year and seeing how expensive the energy bills were, I decided to have the entire HVAC system upgraded. I actually ended up going for a ductless mini split because I heard how energy efficient these systems happen to be. Well, what I was told was correct because I was in disbelief when I saw how much money we were saving on the energy bills. We have been enjoying the air conditioning in the summer and it has been extremely comfortable. We don’t have to worry about too much humidity in the home any longer and we are not even using a dehumidifier. The ductless mini split works perfectly for removing the humidity from the air.


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