My work colleagues no longer sweat during our series nights

I’m accustomed to staying on my own and being the only one benefiting from the air conditioner in my property. It’s quite blissful! There’s no one to discuss with about the thermostat or the electricity cost. And best of all is the fact that I can keep the temperature at 71 degrees 24/7 without getting sweaty. But, I recently planned a weekly motion picture night with my colleagues from work, and I figured out very swiftly that more people means more HVAC needs. After everyone got comfy to watch the motion picture, it became seriously sizzling in my sitting area. I’m only accustomed to having one person in the property (me) however, when I suddenly hosted six work colleagues, keeping the thermostat at 71 just wasn’t ideal at all. I turned the thermostat down to 71 (without standing up once, because the smart thermostat allows myself and others to adjust the temperature with an app on my phone). Still, it took some time for the room to cool down. The next day, I called a Heating and Air Conditioning professional and made an appointment prior to the next motion picture night. The Heating and Air Conditioning specialist took a look at my HVAC, washed the air filter (which looked awful), and did some general repairs. I asked him for any insights for the next motion picture night, and he made a fantastic proposal. The AC servicing person told me to turn down the thermostat to the right temperature about 50 minutes before my colleagues came by. That way the house would be comfortable for them the time they arrived. The system wouldn’t have to perform as fast to keep up if it started cooling before there were more people in the house. The proposal was a success, and motion picture days have gone off fantastically (or a hint of sweat) since.



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