Is it a good idea to get the bathroom AC?

My little girl is probably the most observant human beings I have ever seen. One time at the bus stop she went to the nearest powder room plus swiftly came back excited at what she had seen on the window. She certainly could not wait to tell me about the immense rotating fan on the public powder room’s window. According to her, this rotating fan blows cool air into the women’s powder room plus for some reason makes the powder room smell fresher. I truly smiled acknowledging what the device was. This must have been a portable window AC in place. What I did not understand was why the public powder room management had it carefully located in the powder room? Later on, to my surprise, most public spaces where several people visited plus used the public powder room had such Heating and Air Conditioning systems installed. Some of these locales number one this to the women’s powder room vent because the AC was more powerful in circulating air plus removing the smells that eventually come from several people using the same powder room. This, coupled with correct cleaning of floors plus the powder room itself simply meant that they could keep the powder room smelling fresh no matter how many times it was ever used. I was amused at this, plus even got a plan to implement in my mum’s coffee shop when next I visited the joint. I had wondered how best to guarantee freshness since despite all the freshening the staff of us did, somethginwas just not quite right.


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