Improve indoor air quality for better health

I’ve never really been one to panic.

This is not something that I’m particularly proud of or work hard to accomplish. It’s just sort of a default setting with me I guess. But the pandemic really through me. Once I was sent home to work from the air conditioning of my house, I knew we were in for more than a passing thing. And, I was not in great health. This was due primarily to my lifestyle and refusal to concede to aging. So when something that I could catch and could potentially kill me was in the air, I was seriously concerned. Still, I didn’t want to panic or overreact. This led me to do some research to find ways to improve my health and immune response. Of course, I finally got into getting off my butt and getting out of the heating and cooling comfort of my home to get some exercise. But I also researched other areas. One area that really surprised me had to do with indoor air quality. I had no idea that the HVAC equipment and indoor air quality could have so much to do with our health. The fact is that poor indoor air quality deeply effects your respiratory system. The airborne contaminants force the immune system to work overtime in order to ward off illness and attacks from bad indoor air. I immediately replaced the cheap HVAC air filters with the HEPA filter. That made a tremendous difference. This year, I’m considering going a step further by adding a whole home air purification system to the HVAC equipment.

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