I don’t think I can live here anymore

I have had my air conditioner component for more than six years now plus have not had any significant issues before. However, recently, to me it seems as though the AC was blowing in dirty air. The smell is slowly becoming unbearable over time, plus I wonder if there is something I can do about it?. I have tried everything, from heavily spraying the house with freshener plus even keeping the windows open as long as possible, but you know it is not finally working, but one time, I decided to switch off the AC. I evaluated the existing filters plus ductwork to be sure that the last Heating plus Air Conditioning tuneup was done nicely since it was barely 2 weeks ago. Everything was perfect. Tired plus frustrated, I eventually decided to get in touch with the Heating plus Air Conditioning expert that handles all the usual HVAC maintenance issues in my house. Three hours later, the heating plus cooling expert was arriving at my doorstep since he sensed my desperation plus was willing to help. The pungent smell was obvious the moment he walked to the house. He suspected right away that a dead rodent was trapped inside the AC’s fan. Every time the blades rotated, the horrible smell would dissipate plus intensify. Since there was no physical sign of a dead rodent immediately within sight, he had to open the component to verify. Truly, a large rat was trapped in the very middle of the cooling system. He removed it plus cleaned the unit. He used a special device to remove the strong smell, plus everything was restored to its normal state. I have never been traumatized so badly, but I also l gained to deal with rodents the moment I saw signs.



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