Having more people in the house meant dad had to crank down the air conditioner

Dad bought a home where he stays on his own and got accustomed to being the only person loving the cooling system in the home.

  • It’s quite a great arrangement! Dad has no one to battle with about the thermostat or the cost of energy, and he can keep the temperature at 75 always without being covered with sweat.

But, some time back dad started doing a nightly movie marathon with some army buddies. He soon figured out that more people were leading to an increase in cooling system demands. After all his army buddies sat down to enjoy the marathon, it became uncomfortably sizzling in the movie room. Dad had gotten accustomed to having one person in the new home (him). All that changed when he hosted a get-together of more than four. Setting the thermostat at 75 just wasn’t cutting it. Dad had to crank the thermostat down to 72 (without having to leave his chair, because his smart thermostat enabled him to change the temperature with an app on his phone). But, it took about fifteen minutes for the room to get comfortable. In the morning, dad got on the phone with an Heating, Ventilation and A/C contractor to come to the house before the next film night. The Heating, Ventilation and A/C technician checked dad’s system, cleaned his air filter (which was not clean at all), and did some standard maintenance. Dad spoke with him about what to do before the next film night. The HVAC technician had a good plan. He told dad to adjust the thermostat to the desired setting about half an hour before his army buddies walked in, so that the new home would be comfortable for them the moment they sat down. The unit wouldn’t have to work as hard to keep up if it started cooling before there were more people in the house. The plan worked, and film evenings have gone off without a problem (or a hint of sweat) from then on.


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