Having a top HVAC system is crucial when running a flower business

I co-own a plant shop in a small town, which is doing quite well! We have indoor and outdoor plants in every inch of the space.

And we always strive to keep a steady supply, especially for our regular customers.

Plants are gifts for special events like birthdays, banquets, plus family events that keep my partner. In addition, quite a number of people stop by every day to buy more house plants. Some as gifts for occasions, others just because. Co-owning a plant shop (especially a thriving one) needs more logistics than you might think! It’s no secret plants without proper care can wilt and lose leaves so proper care is essential to improve their shelf life. Ensuring the shop plus the storage space are the right temperature is essential, that’s why the temperature in the shop never surpasses 73 degrees. The excellent news is we have a fabulous Heating plus Air Conditioning service person who inspects the system once per week. The AC service person investigates all the ducts for leaks, performs tests on the air handler, plus improves the software on the temperature control to ensure our system is functional. The AC service person also provides top tips for improving the cooling system’s efficiency, plus she’s helped us save a lot on my energy bill. Presently, we’re saving up for a brand new HVAC system. We talked it over with the service person and concluded our ducts aren’t going to last that long. Luckily, the plant shop has been great, so we began a savings plan to purchase a central AC unit. In addition, the Heating plus Air Conditioning service person helped my business partner and I make informed choices about the current a/c system. He’s making sure we pick a reliable system within our means. We’re grateful for his expertise, and are looking forward to a current cooling system.


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