Ending wasteful HVAC behavior with HVAC technology

There comes a time to just put an end to dumb behavior.

That seems to be a fact of life when you’re the Mom or the mom. In my case, I finally got fatigued of complaining as well as lecturing about the wasteful way every one of us use our HVAC equipment. I’m not exactly a penny pincher as much as I just don’t care for to see waste of any kind. And the way my kids were treating the HVAC equipment as well as the control unit had to end. There were days that I’d come house from the office to see doors left wide open while in the height of summer. I mean just wide open with the control unit set in the low 70’s. This sort of thing would nearly make myself and others just lose my mind. However, I’m not big on screaming as well as yelling at my kids. That’s how my parents treated myself and others as well as it wasn’t great as well as caused myself and others some problems down the road. So while I don’t holler as well as curse my kids over dumb HVAC behavior, my talking to them about it wasn’t getting somewhere. Finally, I had had enough. I called the HVAC supplier as well as asked them to send out as well as HVAC contractor to install a smart control unit. Not only will this thing precisely manage the HVAC better than I ever could. There is a code for manual operation of the smart control unit that only I hold. I don’t care for to admit that it was sort of excellent when the thing first went in as well as nobody but myself and others could adjust the control unit setting. But that’s what happens occasionally when talking as well as pleading get a parent nowhere.



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