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They also checked the entire idea for any leaks

My sibling insists on dusting the apartment in addition to vacuuming every single afternoon. I often guess she is obsessed with cleanliness because there is often no falling dust to wash anyway. It is not as though we live in a dusty area. In fact, the weather is favorable in addition to everything is in moderation. However, her obsession with cleaning comes from her awful experience when she worked in a odd city. She had been too damn busy to wash her condo in addition to would only have it thoroughly cleaned at least once a month on her afternoon off. Being a dentist, she worked double, in addition to triple shifts when the hospital was too busy. This meant that she hardly had time to refresh let alone stop and take care of cleaning in addition to Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C maintenance. Three months of such a narrow schedule finally took a toll on her AC unit. She had neglected the entire unit, in addition to even forgot to change the filters in addition to dust accumulated to a horrible point where the air quality in her apartment was compromised. She did not notice that clearly there was a condenser leak as well. It only became apparent a single afternoon when she stayed condo to rest when the musty smell from her AC hit her. She were just inspecting the a/c only to see mold forming around the unit. It had even spread on the walls at that point in addition to was disgusting. She panicked in addition to called her best Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C specialist to come in addition to deal with this. They also checked the entire idea for any leaks. At the end of the month, she also noticed that her utility bills had reduced by more than 40 percent. Since then, our sibling has been obsessed with consistently cleaning no matter where she is.


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