Will we ever get to the eating establishment?

I looked outside and I saw a small eating establishment

Last month was our birthday and my hubby surprised myself and others by making reservations at our number one eating establishment. Every one of us were going into the city, and that in itself made myself and others glad since my hubby hated driving into the city. Every one of us were only many hours out when the a/c quit working. It was almost 7PM, but the temperature was still in the eighties. The humidity was so high that opening the windows would be just as boiling as without the windows. I also didn’t want to mess my hair with the windows being open. My hubby tried running the fan, and it helped a bit, but not much. The neighborhood was still an hour away, and our car was getting worse. Then my hubby noticed that the heat gauge was lighting up. The idiot light was there for a purpose and we knew we had a problem. Every one of us stopped at the closest repair center and told them about the a/c and the heat gauge. He told us we needed a current a/c unit, but we also had a concern with the radiator. It was going to take him a couple hours to repair the A/C and radiator. I knew we weren’t going to make it to the eating establishment, and my hubby felt bad. I looked outside and I saw a small eating establishment. Every one of us walked over to the eating establishment, and it had amazing a/c, which was a plus. I couldn’t suppose a steakhouse could have such delectable food. Every one of us didn’t make it to our eating establishment, but we found a current number one eating establishment for our list, and it was not in the city.

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